Wellspring Healing Philosophy

Drawn to the healing arts at 18 years of age, first as a patient, then interested health enthusiast then as a healing professional, Dr. Bonnie has been a tireless advocate of patient responsibility for their own health. She sees her role as a teacher or guide to give the patient back to themselves. She engages each patient in an active partnership in understanding and reclaiming their optimum health goals. This is achieved by instructing the patient in lifestyle management (diet, exercise, mental and emotional health), basic Chinese and western health principles, awareness of and responsibility for one’s basic needs in conjunction with appropriate application of the least invasive, most simple and effective, integrative therapies from eastern and western medicine.

While the primary therapies dispensed or recommended at Wellspring are conservative, “natural,” “holistic,” gentle and minimally invasive, we encourage an active teamwork between all of your health care practitioners. We would be happy to consult with your other practitioners, to facilitate the efficacy (and cost effectiveness) of your treatment and hasten your recovery. Your mission is to gently & humbly educate your physicians about this relatively unfamiliar paradigm of healing. We will also quickly refer you to any of the above-mentioned practitioners if we feel your health needs would be better served there.